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Cherry Jackson Editor 13 Best Ways for Getting Rid of Belly Fat FastI’ve noticed that most of the “how to get rid of belly fat” articles, reviews, commentaries, ebooks and even fat loss diet plans are short sighted.  Meaning, most of the time you only get one or two pieces of the puzzle at a time.  Nobody seems to be able to give you all the pieces at once and show you how to put them together so that you can finally get rid of stomach fat fast.

Obviously nobody’s going to lose the fat for you (please let me know if you know someone who can) but wouldn’t it be nice to have a quick resource or tool whereby that information would be disclosed in a nice and tidy list?

So, I’ve outline here the best ways known to mankind to effectively reduce or Lord willing get rid of belly fat fast.

(Note: I encourage you to add your own comments and suggestions below as long as you have some kind of  evidence to support your fat loss claims or disclaimers. )

Best Ways To Get Rid of Belly Fat Fast:

1.  Watch Less TV

2. Watch Less TV Without Food (Chips, Soda, Ice Cream, Snacks, etc. or any food that’s not pre-portioned)

3. Stop Eating after 8pm

4. Eat Less but More Frequently (5 to 6 small meals daily)

5. Focus on Eating Lots of Different Fruit, Veggies, and lean Proteins. (Focus on what you need to eat to lose belly fat instead of what you have to give up.)

5. Drink More Water (1/2 your body weight in ounces each day)

6. Drastically reduce breads, pastas, sugars, low-fat, and processed foods

7. Move More and More Often (Doesn’t have to be formal exercise. Walk around your office, up the stairs, around outside a couple times daily,etc.  Just move more.)

9. Get more sleep (Studies prove that you burn 1/3 more fat when you sleep at least 8 hrs compared to 6 hours or less)

10. Keep Your Hormones in Check (hormones like insulin, cortisol, estrogen, lepitin all force your body to have chronic fat storage areas).

11. Get and Keep a Picture of How You Will Look Once You Get Rid of the Belly Fat

12. Implement as many of the above then get this: Getting Rid of belly Fat Fast (this puts those fat storage hormones to death.)

13. Add Your Suggestion Below!

So, there are a couple of key ‘pieces’ to the fat loss puzzle that you may have helped you lose belly fat fast.  Feel free to add your ‘do follow’ comments for the benefit of the community.

If this post helped, this will REALLY help: Get Rid of Belly Fat Fast

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Cherry Jackson Editor3 How To Get Rid of Thigh Fat FastOne of the sore points for many people in weight loss is thigh fat.  Fat that harbors on the inner thighs, groin, hips, and even calves isn’t pretty.  How do you get rid of thigh fat fast when it’s been there for years?

Getting those legs trim and sleek is a 104487377 220x300 How To Get Rid of Thigh Fat Fastgoal that doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it may initially seem. There are a number of ways to change your daily habits that can have a great impact on how quickly you get rid of thigh fat, as well as leg fat in other areas.

“Imagine yourself effortlessly walking without your thighs rubbing together.  You have to start somewhere to make this a fast, once and for all reality.  You can do it! I recommend starting with a proven fat loss diet solution and follow it through to the end.

The first thing that needs to be looked at is your diet. Thigh and leg fat is usually the result of the body storing extra calories in places where we all wish it wouldn’t. Those areas are the midsection, the upper arms, and the thighs.

Have a look at your diet and see if you have some areas where you could change- bring more water into your daily intake, less sodas and other filler items. Also, consider eating five to six smaller meals throughout the day as opposed to three big ones to reduce thigh fat.

“In terms of daily activity, a great way to get rid of thigh fat fast and then banish it for good is to maintain a well rounded daily routine of activity. Bring in cardio work outs to get the overall body energy jumping, and fat furnace burning to start toning all areas of your body not just thigh fat.”

Then, consider core work outs like yoga and pilates to help burn fat in a more consistent way. Light weight training will also be a great way to strengthen your legs and thighs, while getting rid of fat on the inner thighs, hips, calves and even groin if continued long term.

Taking a daily walk can go a very long way in getting rid of thigh fat fast. Just a short, 45 minute walk per day will show better results and be easier to stick to for most people. You will also find that as you focus on training thighs and legs- your butt gets a work out, as well. Full body work outs have a positive impact in this way, they help the entire body burn fat faster.

On the whole, the best way get rid of fat thighs fast…I mean double fast  is working both your diet and activity levels. Take in an adequate amount of calories for your activity level, and be sure that you are consistently working and or exercising for at least 45 minutes. It does not have to be high intensity, as long as you are doing it daily.

If this post helped, this will REALLY help: Get Rid of Belly Fat Fast

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